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luxury artificial wedding flowers

Planning our wedding feels like a wonderful but endless track of decision making! From choosing the perfect venue and dress down to the wedding favours, there are many details I can imagine our guests won’t even notice.

However, I can guarantee that the wedding flowers will not go unnoticed as they often make the biggest visual impact (besides the bride!).

I’m a planner, so choosing the flowers for my bridal and bridesmaids bouquets has been a great experience. As a director of Amaranthine Blooms, I was already planning to have the best of both worlds by combining our faux flowers with fresh and, even so far ahead of the wedding I love that I’ll know exactly what the bouquets will look like down to the precise shade of the petals. Not only will they stay looking fresh from now until the big day but they will still look the same on our 10th wedding anniversary!

We are getting married in February in a very hot climate but adore hydrangeas and peonies which are completely out of season and would wilt frantically in the heat. Rather than spending exorbitant amounts on out of season fresh flowers, faux flowers will be perfect.

What’s more, the ceremony and reception will be held in the same venue so all of the table arrangements will need to be set up before the ceremony. I can’t bear to think that so much money would be spent on flying in out of season, non-local flowers only for them to be looking sad and wilting by the time the guests sit down to dinner. We can avoid this by using faux flowers, which will still look fresh long after the guests have gone home and at the end of the night, rather than throwing the flowers away, they can be brought home or given to our guests as gifts.

I always wanted to choose something slightly different for my bridesmaid’s gifts and I didn’t want their bouquets to be discarded at the end of the ceremony. Using faux flowers for their bouquets seemed to solve both of these dilemmas. Each bouquet makes a gorgeous gift and lasting reminder of our special day which can be displayed in our bridesmaids’ homes long after the wedding. We will give the table centerpieces to our mothers and grandmothers and its great to think that all the special members of our bridal party will have similar bouquets at home to remember our wedding by - I must remember to keep one for myself!

As I delved further into planning the flowers I was excited to discover more ways to incorporate flowers into the event. Hanging floral chandeliers and canopies seem to grace the pages of almost every wedding magazine I pick up but would be very impractical in a hot climate. Faux flowers are perfectly suited for these dramatic arrangements where it can be difficult to keep the flowers in water and with the stems, leaves and petals of our faux flowers being intricately handmade, the result is extremely realistic looking blooms that can be prepared in advance and we won’t have to worry about the petals wilting on our guests!

So, I’m sure you’d love to know what flowers I have chosen! In keeping with the strongest floral trend we see in our business right now, we will have a very neutral palette of greens and whites. There is a lot of greenery around the venue and we wanted to reflect this in the

flowers we chose. We may supplement this with a small hint of colour from our colour scheme but as for what that is – I’m not telling!

luxury artificial wedding flowers

luxury artificial wedding flowers

luxury artificial wedding flowers