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London's blossom season

Whilst Japan might be famous for its annual sakura (cherry blossom) display, I was greeted by a host of blossom trees in full bloom upon arriving in London a couple of weeks ago. The branches were heavily laden with soft, delicate petals and was the perfect sight to lighten the mood of a weary traveller.  This stunning display was visible all over London and (for a short while at least) was complemented by bright blue skies which provided the perfect backdrop. 

Normally by mid-May, the ephemeral blossom would have vacated its branches, but a prolonged cool spell, absent of the heavy wind and rain that so easily cause the demise of this fragile bloom, saw Mother Nature save this treat for a little longer this year. And perhaps, as with so many things, the wait had only served to increase its beauty. 

 I have always found blossom captivating. There is something magical about the way the gentle, almost sheer petals float daintily in the air for their short-lived display. I am therefore delighted that we are able to offer two very realistic artificial flower blossoms so that you can enjoy their magical beauty all year round - cherry blossom and magnolia.  

At Amaranthine Blooms we particularly love the combination of cherry blossom together with our luxury artificial hydrangea in a bouquet that mixes the best of late spring and early summer blooms.  The beauty of our magnolia is its elegant simplicity - arrange a few stems in a vase and gently prise open the wired petals of each bloom for an individual look. 

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