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The language of flowers

realistic artificial silk faux flowers for mother's day
For centuries, we have been using flowers to send subtle messages and express our feelings for our loved ones without saying a word. With Mother’s Day approaching, what better way to show your mum your true appreciation than with a bunch of eternally beautiful faux flowers! To make your message extra special, we have helped identify the symbolic meanings behind some of our favourite blooms.
Hydrangeas with their full, lavish head of intricate petals are an increasingly popular Mother’s Day choice. A bouquet of hydrangeas is said to express gratitude for understanding and heartfelt thanks making hydrangeas a perfect gift to show your appreciation for your mum for all those times she has been there for you.
luxury artificial fuchsia hydrangea luxury artificial dried blue hydrangealuxury artificial white mophead hydrangea
Calla lilies are so timeless, it isn’t surprising that this elegant trumpet-shaped flower symbolizes magnificent beauty with its smooth stem and perfectly curved petals. There are a variety of colours of the calla lily, each one with their own meaning; yellow specifically symbolises joy and growth while the deep purple hue represents royalty and strength which are all wonderful ways to show these great qualities in your mum.
luxury artificial yellow calla liliesluxury artificial white calla lily bouquetluxury artificial purple calla lily

Roses are the iconic flower symbolising love and affection with the significance of each rose being reflected in their colour; from romance and beauty to wisdom and friendship you can express a variety of sentiments with a single flower. Pink roses in particular are perfect for sending send special thanks and appreciation and if you want to get really specific, even the different shades of pink can express a variety of sentiments. Light pink is associated with gentleness and admiration and a darker shade of pink is more closely associated with gratitude.

luxury artificial pink rose budluxury artificial peach english rosesluxury artificial red and pink rose

Peonies are loved the world over and they are one of the most popular blooms to send on Mother’s Day. This gorgeous flower with it’s full ruffled petals symbolizes all forms of beauty and is often used in weddings to symbolize a happy marriage. Pink is often a colour associated with Mother’s Day and would be a great choice for a husband to send to their wife.

luxury artificial light pink peonyluxury artificial burgundy peonyluxury artificial pink peony

Tulips are an ever popular spring flower which makes them a perfect Mother’s day gift to express warmth and affection. With their tall elegant stems and perfectly rounded petals, as with all flowers, the sentiment is determined by their colour. For the mum who is the queen of the family, deep purple tulips are the ideal choice reflecting your admiration for her regality. To express happiness, energy and understanding orange tulips should be your bouquet of choice!

luxury artificial red tulipsluxury artificial orange and white tulipsluxury artificial flowers purple tulips

If you would like to gift some of our everlasting beautiful faux flowers this Mother’s Day, click on any of the images above or click here for our selection of gorgeous Mother's Day bouquets and bunches.

London's blossom season

Whilst Japan might be famous for its annual sakura (cherry blossom) display, I was greeted by a host of blossom trees in full bloom upon arriving in London a couple of weeks ago. The branches were heavily laden with soft, delicate petals and was the perfect sight to lighten the mood of a weary traveller.  This stunning display was visible all over London and (for a short while at least) was complemented by bright blue skies which provided the perfect backdrop. 

Normally by mid-May, the ephemeral blossom would have vacated its branches, but a prolonged cool spell, absent of the heavy wind and rain that so easily cause the demise of this fragile bloom, saw Mother Nature save this treat for a little longer this year. And perhaps, as with so many things, the wait had only served to increase its beauty. 

 I have always found blossom captivating. There is something magical about the way the gentle, almost sheer petals float daintily in the air for their short-lived display. I am therefore delighted that we are able to offer two very realistic artificial flower blossoms so that you can enjoy their magical beauty all year round - cherry blossom and magnolia.  

At Amaranthine Blooms we particularly love the combination of cherry blossom together with our luxury artificial hydrangea in a bouquet that mixes the best of late spring and early summer blooms.  The beauty of our magnolia is its elegant simplicity - arrange a few stems in a vase and gently prise open the wired petals of each bloom for an individual look. 

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