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Every coffee table needs flowers

A fact that I’m sure you knew, but it struck me recently that no coffee table is complete without flowers. I can’t help but prefer the more finished and complete look that flowers give to any coffee or side table.

Whether it’s a pretty rose bowl, single orchid stem or a more elaborate bouquet, flowers complete the look of your perfectly curated collection of books and artifacts lovingly on display. Flowers can soften the look of your occasional table or to add a dash of colour to your room. For more ideas on how to style your coffee table, I came across a great article on, nearly all of their suggestions have a floral display of some kind - click here to read more. 

And whilst fresh flowers are lovely, if you don’t want the expense and effort that fresh flowers require, our lifelike imitation flowers are perfect for popping onto your table and admiring every day. So many of the images below can be copied using our exquisite realistic blooms.

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